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Coronavirus emergency kit: What you need to survive the pandemic

By Jolie | 12 May 2020 | 0 Comments
Toolbox: what people need in the coronavirus pandemic
Recently, an increasing number of patients with mild coronavirus symptoms are sent home to reduce the patient load for hospitals. If the patient‘s symptoms worsen and is confirmed coronavirus patient, the patient may need to return to the hospital.
In order to help prevent getting sick, everyone should have their own toolbox, which includes medicine and other important items.
Dr. David Markenson would like to remind everyone of the following important tips:
Use hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of at least 60%
Remember to wear facial masks
Make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds before meals and remember to clean your fingernails area

 person washing hands on sink
Cleaning products
Whether or not someone at home has the virus, all surfaces should be cleaned with cleaning supplies. If someone at home has symptoms, you should wear masks and gloves. Leave the cleaned area for 1 hour for enough time to kill the virus.
Medical equipment
It is important to have a thermometer and pulse oximeter in your medicine cabinet during the coronavirus outbreak. However, not all oximeters are the same as FDA approved oximeter are usually the highest quality.

The MomMed pulse oximeter is approved by FDA and CE. It is convenient, fast, accurate and reliable for convenience at home. Try to avoid using oximeters with iPhone programs, because it often has inaccurate readings.

Food for two weeks
In addition to the necessary protective and cleaning supplies, you need to prepare food for two weeks. Ensure enough food supply while staying at home. Remember, canned foods, cereals, beans and frozen foods are easier to store.
Clean laundry
Do not share laundry with family members, and everyone should have their own set of towels. Wash clothes frequently and separate clothes while washing.
Communicate with others
Staying at home can feel lonely. It's good for your mental health to communicate with others through the Internet.

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