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How to Use a Urine Dipstick Test

By Monica | 06 June 2020 | 0 Comments
Urine test strip analysis is a test used by medical professionals to help monitor diseases and other medical complications. To use urine to determine health, you first need to collect fresh samples (urine), and then you can test the results.
Step 1: Collect urine
1) Wash hands. Use soap to wash hands with running warm water, and then dry with disposable paper. Gloves should always be worn when carrying out any body fluid test.
2) Put the urine into a sterile sample container. Urine analysis should be performed with fresh urine. Fill the container at least halfway with urine and seal the lid. In order to ensure accurate reading, please do not touch sample with skin or hands. The container can be shaken slightly before the test to ensure that the urine is mixed.
3) Dip the strip into the urine. After soaking the strip, remove it from the container immediately and drag it along the edge of the container.
4) Clean the edge of the strip with absorbent material. Do not use any material to touch the test strip. Use a piece of filter paper or absorbent paper to absorb the excess urine. Do not shake the test strip to avoid being soiled by other objects.
5) Place the test paper horizontally before reading. When the test paper is placed horizontally, the test results can be clearly visible. Wash your hands after collecting and testing urine.
Part II analyze test results
1) Wait 2 minutes for the test results. It may take 30 to 120 seconds for the compounds in the urine to react with the reagents in the test strip. Read the test instructions as you wait for the results. When the reaction occurs, the strip will change color. Setting up a timer will help you know exactly how to complete the test.
2) Read the test results in chronological order. Usually it will take you about half a minute to start to observe the results. Take a moment to read the relevant instructions of the brand you used to test the results, and make sure you check the results in the correct order. Any color change that occurs after the first two minutes should not be considered because the longer the urine is exposed, the greater the likelihood of a false positive.
Part three, make sure the results are correct
1) Test urine immediately. Ideally, the sample should be analyzed immediately after leaving the body. If it is not possible to analyze immediately, refrigerate the urine until it can be examined. If urine is exposed to air or left at room temperature for more than two hours, discard it.
2) Pay attention to the color of urine. Healthy urine should be clear or light yellow. If your sample is dark or other abnormal colors, you may need to ask your doctor for other tests. To ensure the results are correct, make sure you drink enough water before the test.
3) The test strip is not an absolute result. In general, cervical mucus analysis is the most convenient and reliable way to detect pregnancy. If potential health complications are found in the test results, another type of examination may be required, such as a detailed blood test.

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