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How to Know the Earliest Pregnancy Signs

By Monica | 09 June 2020 | 0 Comments
During the first two weeks of pregnancy, it may be difficult to determine if you are pregnant as the signs can be subtle. However, if you find any abnormal changes in mood or diet, you may be pregnant. A family pregnancy test may help confirm your pregnancy, but the most accurate test is to visit your doctor.
1. Pay attention to changes in emotion and energy
1) Fatigue is common during early pregnancy. Even if your mood changes during your daily activities, unexplained fatigue can be a sign of pregnancy.
2) Pay attention to changes in taste. In the early stages of pregnancy, you may not like the food or drink you used to like.
3) Consider whether you experience mood swings and low mood. Pregnancy hormones can cause your mood to change, and you may be more likely to cry . These emotional changes may be similar to previous menstrual cycles.
2. Pay attention to changes in your body
1) Continue to monitor your menstrual cycle. Missing a pregnancy is usually the first sign of pregnancy. You should track your menstrual cycle. If you haven't experienced menstruation during this period, it may be an early sign of pregnancy.
2) Pay attention to unusual feelings of nausea. About a quarter of pregnant women feel nauseous early in pregnancy.
3) Pay attention to abnormal bleeding. Sperm attaching to the egg may cause bleeding, and the color may be different from that of other periods, and may be more powdery than usual.
4) Observe whether you have any abnormal pain. Pregnancy will cause unexpected physical discomfort, such as uterus pain. Similar pain will occur when you are in labor.
5) Look for changes in urination habits. Urination will increase during pregnancy. If you find that you often need to go to the bathroom, you may have early pregnancy.
6) Pay attention to the tenderness of your breast. After conception, the breasts will become soft and swollen, and you will feel tingling and soreness.
3. Seek medical examination as necessary.
1) Carry out family pregnancy test. If you suspect that you are pregnant, please buy a pregnancy test strip. Test at home according to the instructions on the package. Usually the best time to test is in the morning, when your HCG hormone is the highest. Most pregnancy tests can be carried out a few days after your menstruation test. We recommend using MomMed pregnancy tests has a standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml which is the most recommended cut-off level. The accuracy detecting HCG above cut off is over 99% when used properly.
2) If you suspect you are pregnant before you miss your period, you can visit a doctor instead of checking at home.

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