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The "10-months Journey" (Chapter One)

By MomMed | 09 July 2020 | 0 Comments
Ten months of pregnancy is a tough time for those pregnant mum who always worries about the baby, so what are the things to pay attention to in each month after pregnancy? In this article, Im going to talk about the monthly pregnancy precautions and hope that will give you some useful suggestions in a specific month.

Pregnant for ONE month. (week 1-4)
The first month of gestation is calculated from the first day of the final menstruation of the time within 4 weeks. In the first month, most pregnant moms dont any pregnant reactions. For the fetus, The first month is the time when the neural tube, limbs, and eyes begin to differentiate. Once harmful substances are encountered, the cells of these tissues and organs stop developing and become incomplete and deformed. Avoid getting sick and don’t use the medicine. Viruses and pills can affect your baby's development. Stay away from the electromagnetic wave, maintain a certain distance when you watch TV or listen to the radio. Reduce the time of using computers, microwaves, cell phones, etc. During these days, the fetus doesn't need much nutrition. But from now on you must cultivate good eating habits, not picky about food, not partial to food, maintain the balance of nutrition. Continue supplementation with folic acid under the guidance of a doctor, which will maximize the protection of the fetus from malformation.

Pregnant for TWO months. (week 5-8)
After 5 weeks, the embryo enters the stage of organ differentiation and is most susceptible. Avoiding viruses, toxic chemicals, and radiation remains critical. During these weeks, most pregnant moms are going to have pregnant reactions. A general expression is disgusting, appetite drops, dizzy, cannot smell lampblack or peculiar smell. These reactions naturally disappear after 3 months of pregnancy. Get more rest and oxygen, take a walk outside for an hour every day, and keep in a good mood is important as well. Although you and the baby's nervous system is not directly connected, there are blood substances and endocrine communication, your mood changes will affect your baby. In the diet, eat as much as you can without worrying too much about nutrition. This period of time is the most prone to threatened abortion and spontaneous abortion should avoid forced action. To defeat the reaction of pregnancy, the husband's role is indispensable. The best way to help a wife overcome her pregnancy reaction is to take more care of her and keep her in a good mood.

 Pregnant for THREE months. (week 9-12)
This month is still the most teratogenic time in ten months, pregnant mothers should be wary of viruses and medicines. If you don't have a good appetite, just eat some protein-rich foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Since this month, changes in the mouth caused by high levels of estrogen in the body have shown up, including gum congestion, edema, and gingival papillary hyperplasia, which can cause bleeding and is medically known as pregnancy gingivitis. Pregnant mothers should adhere to early and late serious brushing, gargle to prevent bacteria in the mouth reproduction.

Pregnant for FOUR months. (week 13-16)
The eyes, ears, and nose of the fetus are now fully formed. The placenta is also fully developed, the mother and fetus are tightly integrated. The risk period of easy to cause an abortion is basically over, and the period from this month to July is the most stable time. At sixteen weeks, the fetus is about 18cm long, about the size of a mother's hand, and weighs about 120 grams. The fetus is swimming in amniotic fluid, spinning back and forth like an astronaut in space. In the fourth month, the early pregnancy reaction disappeared. You need to increase nutrition, ensure the quality of food and nutrition balance. Protein, calcium, iron, and other components that play an important role in the blood, flesh, and bone of the fetus, the demand for this stage is much larger than usual. The fourth month is the baby grows the root of the tooth period, you want to eat more calcium food, let the child in the embryo on the long firm root. Eat less sugar-containing food, because the side effect is sugar can consumption calcium, and easy to cause obesity. Eat less salty food, too much salt absorption, will cause edema and pregnancy poisoning in the later period.

Pregnant for FIVE months. (week 17-20)
The 5th month of gestation is to point to the 4 weeks after the 17th week of gestation, the motor nerve and sensory nerve of this period fetus have begun to develop, the minute activity of muscle appears. The liver begins to make blood, the whole body begins to grow hair and fingernail. The length of the fetus is 23 ~ 25 cm, and its weight is 250 ~ 300 grams. A pregnant mother's lower abdomen begins to swell noticeably. Fetal movement is felt from 18 to 20 weeks of gestation. At this time the fetal movement is not very active, and may not be felt every day, there is no need to panic because there is no day to feel fetal movement. During this time, you should watch out your weight. The average weight of pregnant moms should be increased by 10 ~ 12.5kg. Obesity of mothers is likely to induce diabetes, pregnancy poisoning, etc. It may cause abnormal fetal development. If you can, keep a scale at home and weigh yourself once a week. During the second trimester, gain no more than 500 grams per week. Itchy skin may occur due to hormonal changes in the body after pregnancy. Itchy skin in pregnant moms is a common physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. It does not require special treatment and will disappear after the birth of the child. And Leg cramps occur mainly because of a lack of calcium in the blood of pregnant mothers.
These are the pregnancy precautions from the first five months. Ill finish the last five months' precautions in the next chapter.
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