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The Ectopic Pregnancy

By Brian Xu | 10 August 2020 | 0 Comments
An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants at an outer location of the uterus, most commonly at one of the fallopian tubes. This pregnancy is not normal. It can cause severe complications if it is left untreated for too long. But there is a lot you can do to escape having an ectopic pregnancy. But if you already have an ectopic pregnancy, getting accurate medical treatment can decrease your complications.
Reducing your threaten factorsAvoid sexually transmitted infections
Sexually transmitted infections(STIs) such as gonorrhea or Chlamydia is possible to make a woman have an ectopic pregnancy.
Take rapid treatment for infections
The sooner you treat, the less unlikely that you will have mature inflammation that can break your reproductive system, so less possible that you will develop ectopic pregnancies. Common symptoms of STIs include abdominal pain, painful urination, vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal odor, and ache during sex.

Stop smoking
Smoking can increase the chance of having an ectopic pregnancy. The more you smoke, the higher chances of having an ectopic pregnancy will be. If it is really hard for you to quit, reducing the number of cigarettes can be beneficial.
Reducing your complications and future ectopic pregnancies
 If you have an ectopic pregnancy, the sooner you treat, the lower your risks of developing severe complications will be. Common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy include missed periods, ache at the low abdomen, cramping, abnormal vaginal bleeding.
If your ectopic pregnancy ruptures, you will have severe abdominal pain, shoulder pain, low blood pressure, faintness, and stress at the rectum. This is an emergency location that requires immediate medical care.
Methotrexate is used if the ectopic is detected early. But it can have side effects including indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea. If you were given methotrexate, take birth control to escape becoming pregnant in three months. Surgery is sometimes the best option, you need to hear your doctor’s advice.

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