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What and Why do We Need a Pulse Oximeter

By Monica Deng | 01 July 2020 | 0 Comments
Emergency rooms have pulse oximeters to test the oxygen levels of COVID-19 patients. The equipment is available at the counter now. Low oxygen levels means that the corona-virus has pneumonia, which requires immediate medical attention, as they feel a shortness of breath. Normal oxygen levels means that patients don’t need immediate medical attention.

Here we have talked with a person who had this kind of experience.
‘’My name is Josh Edelson, I went to a Manhattan emergency room because I have a searing pain at my rib cage one month ago. I need to struggle to breathe. And the surgeon told me that I may have COVID-19. By the evening, I need to get treatment in the hospital. My breath was heavy.’’
‘’At the ER, a doctor measured the level of oxygen at my blood with an instrument called a pulse oximeter. I walked along with the hospital with the equipment clipping my index finger.’’
‘ I hope everyone had one of these, so they can check themselves,’ the doctor said. ‘Then we may have fewer people come in.’
‘’My reading turned out to be normal96%. Oxygen levels below 90% require a clinical emergency according to the Health Organization. Since my symptoms were not serious enough to stay in the hospital, I was not forced to test for the virus.’’ 

A COVID-19 claim is very expensive, it will be a four-figure bill. While a pulse oximeter will only cost $30 to $50. It is available at the Mommed store. Kindly check the website:

 ‘’A few days after my ER visit, a friend got me one of the little machines and dropped it off at my door. From then on, whenever I woke up at midnight with breathing struggles, I will clip the equipment at my finger. If my oxygen levels are good, I’ll feel safe and become peace.’’
Oximeters are crucial for patients, as they may only have pneumonia with the symptoms of breath shortness. Checking the oxygen levels can discover these cases earlier to avoid coronavirus examination or doctor’s visit.
Pulse-oximeter readings sometimes fickle if you don’t retain your hands still.’ Richard Levitan, an emergency physician, said that’Pulse oximeters helped save the lives of two emergency physicians as I know. When they noticed their oxygen levels decline, both went to the hospital and recovered.

Sometimes it's amazing to see how a small thing can make a huge difference to our lives. Use a pulse oximeter to keep track of our oxygen saturation, it is responsible for yourself and your family.

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