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AVOID DOING THESE When try to conceive

By Monica Deng | 02 July 2020 | 0 Comments
When we’ve heard the news or have met some babies with birth defects, we often feel sad in our hearts. Some parents even give up wanting a baby for this fear. People can make their own choices for their life. But for couples who really want their own children, many birth defects can be avoided if parents are careful when they are trying to conceive.
Here are some tips for women who are trying to conceive and to have a healthy baby.
Avoid X-ray
X-ray is an electromagnetic wave with a short wavelength that can penetrate human tissues. This will cause body fluid and histocyte to change, they may damage the body, especially the germ cell and the chromosome. So women who try to conceive should avoid X-rays. Women usually need to take this after finding a new job for an orientation health check, you should explain the situation to HR and I’m sure they’ll understand why you can’t do it. Also, you need to know that cell phones and computers also have a certain amount of radiation in your daily life, so you should try to reduce the time by using phones and computers if you can.
Consult the doctor if you have a chronic disease
Chronic diseases include diabetes, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, anemia, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. Women with these diseases need to consult the doctor to stop some medicine which is bad for pregnancy. Actually, women should only try to conceive after all their diseases were completely cured, especially if they have some heart, liver, and kidney problems. Many medicines have been linked to birth defects. If some diseases cannot be cured, it is better to try to conceive when the symptoms are not so heavy or obvious. These are the Medicine that needs to avoid:
Inevitable teratogenic drugs: anti-cancer medicines, sex hormone drugs.
Possible teratogenic drugs: anti-epileptic drugs, sedative drugs, hypoglycemic agent 
Potential teratogenic drugs: antibiotics, aspirin
Avoid take rubella vaccine if you’re pregnant
The rubella virus after pregnancy will cause the baby to have congenital malformation. So try to take the rubella vaccine 3 months before getting pregnant.
Live simple
Besides medical reasons, there are also some other reasons for birth defects. My suggestion is to try to live simply and stay in a good mood. Try to avoid abortion, a healthy uterus is essential for a healthy baby.

Follow these four suggestions upfront and have a healthy mentality, you’ll get a cute baby for sure.
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Baby dust!
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